I Granny Flats Brisbane

Granny flats are small, self-contained homes which are built on the property of the main household dwelling.  Mainly featured in Australia, I Granny Flats Brisbane is a specialist builder of comfortable living spaces that feature many of the amenities that regular-sized homes contain. The flats we build are considered to be units for a dependent person, or can be designed for independent residents as well. This means that you can keep loved ones close to you without paying for expensive retirement care at an off-sight facility, or add a small rental accommodation on your property.

Granny flats can be used for many different purposes, however:

  • To provide a safe living space for an elderly family member
  • A wonderful guest house option during the holiday season
  • Safe environment for disabled individuals
  • Young adults who want to experience a little freedom
  • Rental space to help you earn extra money

Many people opt to add a granny flat to their property because it increases that property’s overall value. When it comes time to sell your home, you can use your newly built granny flat as a selling point! Think about the advantages that owning a granny fat can afford you and your family. If it is unoccupied, it can be used as a private space for you to retreat to for some peace and quiet.

Give us a call and let us plan and build your granny flat today!